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Turkish Desserts: Our Favorite at Bodrum

Kazandibi or milk baked pudding. One of many Turkish desserts at Bodrum.

Turkish desserts are unlike any other!

Dessert after a great meal. It just hits the spot to have something sweet and savory after eating out. Most restaurants just serve ice cream and cake but at Bodrum, we have a few unique menu items that stand out. Let’s go over some of the excellent Turkish desserts that we have available. You’re sure to be filled with delight.


Kazandibi is a sweet, caramelized milk pudding, served with a touch of cinnamon. You’ll notice it’s unique look, with caramelized outer shell and it’s delicate, soft and creamy bottom layer. One spoonful and your mouth will taste a treat similar to roasted marshmallows topped with caramel. Kazandibi is a staple of Mediterranean cuisine and one of the best milky desserts you can find. You absolutely have to try it!

Walnut Baklava

If you have ever had baklava, you’ll know that it’s a layered pastry dish that is super sweet, sticky, and oh so good. The sweet taste is one aspect that a lot of people describe their first time eating the dessert. But that’s why it’s a dessert! Most versions of baklava are made with chopped nuts and soaked in honey or syrup. As you may have already guessed, ours at Bodrum is made with walnuts to give it a distinctly different taste.

Firinda Sutlac

Many Turkish meals, like kazandibi, are milk-based desserts. Firinda Sutlac stands out from the rest because it’s made with baked rice pudding. The treat is slowly cooked with fresh milk and served in a traditional clay cup. Once the rice pudding is finished cooking, it leaves a nice brown color on the top. At Bodrum, we serve firinda sutlac with a side of vanilla gelato.

Focaccia Alla Nutella

Focaccia is a flat oven-baked Italian bread that is similar to pizza dough. The creation of this bread dates back to ancient Rome and has somewhat changed overtime. By itself, it’s an amazing dish to have. At Bodrum, we add a little more flavor to this meal with some Nutella layered in. We also add strawberries and a touch of Grand Marnier.

Add Drinks to Your Turkish Desserts

The dessert menu at Bodrum has plenty of other great items. We also serve vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio gelato, as well as homemade chocolate pudding – great desserts that you are sure to love. And if you want to drink something to drink as well, then we have you covered. Our dessert menu has plenty of artisan blends tea, coffee, and after dinner drinks to cap off a great meal.

Take the Night Off at Bodrum

If you are interested in trying out Turkish desserts and food, then Bodrum is the place to be. We celebrate the taste of the Mediterranean flavors with everything from Turkish kebabs to brick oven pizzas. Our menu has a host of dishes that are sure to make your mouth water. We even encourage you to try something you’ve never had before. Stop by our restaurant in New York, we are open during brunch, lunch, dinner – every day of the week!