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Turkish Cuisine: 5 Great Dishes at Bodrum

Outside view of Bodrum, a Turkish cuisine restaurant.

Enjoy Turkish cuisine at Bodrum.

Turkish cuisine is a specialty for us at Bodrum. We are proud to introduce Mediterranean food to the people of New York. So many of our wonderful dishes are made with such care, that we are always happy to share what we have available. So, let’s take some time to list five great dishes at our restaurant that you should try.

Sigara Borek

Sigara borek is a favorite Mediterranean dish. This Turkish pastry is affectionately known as the “Cigarette Borek” because of its shape. This dish is a crispy rolled Turkish filo stuffed with French feta cheese and chopped parsley. People love the savory and scrumptious filling of melted cheese and fresh parsley. It’s one of the defining meals that make up our Mezze menu, and a starter that you’re absolutely sure to love. If you want to make sigara borek yourself, we have a wonderful recipe you can try.

Karides Guvec

Who doesn’t love a good shrimp casserole? Karides guvec is a unique appetizer that we serve at Bodrum. This shrimp casserole is made with tomatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms and kasseri cheese. The best part about this recipe is how all of the unique flavors soak into the shrimp, from the tomato sauce to the vegetables. It’s an exemplary example of what Turkish cuisine has to offer.

Lamb Tagine

Lamb is an essential meat used in Turkish cuisine. It makes up many of the mouthwatering dishes we have here at Bodrum. Lamb tagine is a favorite that we love to make for our late-night customers. This meal is made with cubes of lamb shoulder braised with carrots, green peas, peppers, and cilantro. To compliment this fine Mediterranean dish, we serve it with Turkish rice. The fascinating thing about Lamb tagine is that is has a storied history. You can find out more here.

Brick Oven Pizza

Ok, so we are cheating a bit with this one. We have 16 amazing brick oven pizza dishes and we couldn’t choose one. However, as a New York restaurant that serves pizza, there is no way we could leave it off of our list. Everything from our Mediterranean to grilled chicken pesto pizza is a delight. Each of our signature 12” thin crust pizzas are made to order with fresh, authentic ingredients in a wood burning oven. Our brick oven gives our pies just the right smoky flavor, with a fluffy crust and savory melted cheese


If you are looking to change up brunch, then look no further. One of the standouts on our menu is shakshuka. This lovely dish is made up of baked eggs in tomato sauce, cumin, garlic, halloumi cheese. It’s the perfect early day meal and a great Mediterranean dish. You can even blend merguez sausage or Turkish sausage with your Shakshuka for an added treat.

Don’t Miss Out on Turkish Cuisine

New to Turkish food? Don’t worry Bodrum has your back! We welcome everyone to come to our restaurant on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Try for the taste of Mediterranean for yourself.