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The artichoke is served on a plate and can include meat or not its up to you.

Dolma – Turkish Stuffed Artichokes

Turkish people enjoy stuffing all kinds of ingredients in every possible vegetable which is

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A bowl of Anatolian yogurt sitting on a checkered table, yogurt has been perfected by Turkish families.

Anatolian Yogurt

Anatolian Yogurt is a food which is often taken for granted in American households,

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Flaky Turkish pastry which has been rolled and baked to a crisp finish.

Turkish Pastry With Spiced Beef and Pistachios (Borek)

Borek is a term which covers a very wide range of savory Turkish pastry

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An aubergine is prepared with a spiced meat filling.

Aubergine Baked with Meat – Make the Tasty Eggplant Dish at Home

Aubergine baked with meat actually refers to a traditional Turkish delight called karniyarik, although

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A dish containing celeriac root which has been stuffed with vegetables and baked.

Celeriac Stuffed With Mixed Vegetables – Homemade Recipe

Celeriac stuffed with mixed vegetables is a Turkish dish which takes less than an

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