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Turkish Teas and Tea-Drinking Habits

Turkey is one of the few countries in the world that comes close to

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Chickpeas Compliment Pumpkin

Fried Chickpeas, Tahini Sauce, and Roasted Pumpkin

Almost all Turkish people love eating chickpeas, and a good deal of their popularity

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A spoon full of ground sumac that has a great lemony flavor that goes great with middle eastern meals.

Kofte and Ground Sumac

As you might guess from the recipe name, there are two main components to

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A variety of pasta that feature ingredients you wouldn't find in other western pasta dishes.

Turkish Makarna (Pasta)

Much of Turkish food is prepared with vegetables, nuts, flavorings, spices, and either seafood

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A Turkish chickpea based dish the is meant to be brought along on picnics and outings.

Meze – the Food of the Turkish Traveler

Meze is a word which means taste or snack, and it has special meaning

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